Work Requests of Elite Property Management

Property Management services are provided by Elite Property Management, LLC.


Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Address: 39 New London Turnpike, Suite 330, Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone: (860) 430-6640
Fax: (860) 460-6646

Primary Contact for the 1401 Farmington Avenue Community:
Shanda Winston
Phone: (860) 430-6640 ext. 20
Back up: Michele Mumford (860) 430-6640

Owner/Manager: Ken Kohnle
Phone: (860) 430-6640 ext. 11
Back up: Chris Kohnle (860) 430-6640



The 1401 Onsite Maintenance Supervisor is Jim Foular. Jim is scheduled to be onsite on Tuesday and Thursday. Work is assigned to Jim by Elite. At times it is necessary to have Jim onsite outside of his normal work days. Work is assigned in advance although Jim regularly responds to requests for immediate assistance which at time disrupts the assigned work schedule.

Procedures: Routine Calls

Routine work order requests are to be submitted to Shanda by phone and/or email. Using email (copy to the building representative and chair of the Promenade Maintenance Committee) provides a convenient way to request work at any time, helps the resident track the work order and provides a convenient response mechanism to inform the resident of action taken. Routine calls are to be scheduled within the next business day of receipt. Routine work requests address issues that do not require immediate attention, e.g. are not dangerous, will not result in additional cost if action is not immediately taken.

On receipt of the request the owner is advised that a work order will be issued and the appropriate maintenance person, vendor or contractor will be called. A copy of the work order is to be sent to the resident requesting the work and the building representative. Work is performed by Jim Foular when feasible. Routine work orders will be prioritized and whenever possible small requests, e.g. light bulb replacement, will be handled the following Tuesday or Thursday. Jim Foular will perform the work or schedule/supervise the work if a vendor/contractor is required. The resident will be informed of action taken.

Keep in mind that an inspection by Jim Foular and/or the property manager may be necessary to determine what action is needed to address the issue.

Not all work can be done immediately. Be patient. The 1401 Community does not have a full time onsite maintenance person due to demand and in an attempt to control costs. Scheduling independent contractors for work can be a challenge.

Emergency/Urgent Situations

If a true emergence occurs such as a fire or burst sprinkler head call 911 before calling the Elite.
Not everything is an emergency. Do not abuse the emergency number. If the emergency number is used and the issue is not an emergency the resident will be assessed a penalty of $25.
Emergencies generally involve the existence of a dangerous situation or property has been damaged or is about to be damaged.

The Elite’s emergency number is: (860) 676-3392 (answering service). The call is referred to rotating Elite staff providing coverage after hours, holidays and on weekends. On receipt of an emergency call it will be determined if the situation is a true emergency needing immediate attention. If an emergency, the appropriate vendor/contractor will be contacted for emergency service. Jim Foular is also notified.